Ways to Curb Your Snoring Issue

snoringissueIt’s 3:00am and everyone in the house has been sleeping soundly for the past five hours. The bed is warm and comfortable and soon the alarm will ring signalling the beginning of another day. Just as the residents of this fictional home are about to be consumed by their dreams their entire world is rocked as a blaring sound, likened to that of a freight train, screeches through the house. They don’t live by railroad tracks and there is no emergency. It’s a sound all too familiar to those who live there: someone is snoring.

Snoring is not the kind of white noise most people can fall asleep to. It’s jarring, loud, disturbing and annoying. It’s not like the people who do the snoring do it because they want to. Not many people have 100% control of their bodies while they sleep. Some people sleepwalk, some sleep talk and we all know children are prone to accidents are they are growing in to their bodies. Those who snore are well aware of how disruptive it is to their household. Some people snore because of medical conditions or because of lifestyle habits that are not easily changed. Some people snore because their daily lives are full of so much stress that snoring is the physical response to stress. Snoring can be battled, quite successfully, by identifying any potential lifestyle causes and figuring out how to change them. We all know change does not come easily so there is a need to invest in an anti-snoring aid in the meantime.

There are crazy amounts of products on the market and not all of them are useful. There are anti-snoring devices that you can wear on your wrist like a watch. These operate by shocking you if they feel your body vibrating from snoring. These have mixed reviews as some people complain that the shock is actually quite powerful and painful while others complained that it shocked them even when they were just rolling over.

Some other anti-snoring aids include sprays, nasal strips, chin straps, mouthpieces, pillows, and of course earplugs.

The most popular aid of choice is the mouthpiece but that doesn’t mean the others don’t work. The anti-snoring pillows work by trying to adjust the angle of your head while you sleep so that more air can reach your airways and diminish snoring. Nasal strips sort of look like a piece of bandage that crosses the bridge of your nose and is designed to help keep your nostrils open so your airways are clearer. Anti-snoring sprays are also pretty interesting. They work by targeting your throat directly. They claim to reduce the vibrations in your throat by keeping it lubricated.

Check out a variety of snoring mouthpieces here.

Chin straps work by adjusting your jaw from the outside. They wrap around your head and work by pushing your jaw forward so that more air gets into the airway and therefore helps alleviate snoring. They are adjustable which is nice because not all heads are the same. Most mouthpieces work in the same fashion, just from the inside. Many mouthpieces are designed to force your jaw forward so you can breathe better and some of them hold your tongue in place as well which can help with the snoring. Many times snoring is caused by the tongue falling to the back of the mouth and vibrating when the person breathes.

When it comes to earplugs it’s really a move of desperation. Many spouses use these lovely pieces of foam that they fiercely shove into their ears in a vain attempt to block out the sound of their partner’s personal train. While there are many devices you’ll need to research and find the best one to derail your personal locomotive.

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