Keep That Pet Happy, And Your Home Will Thrive!

ktphDesigner collars, beds, and leashes. Home cooked meals and afternoons at the spa. In the face of all that we can do for our animal companions these days, I sometimes wonder if I pamper my cats and dogs enough. What do pets need to lead happy, fulfilled lives?

The key to pet happiness, I believe, lies not in “luxury” items, but in understanding an animal’s nature. One reason my family and I moved to a new house last year was to give our dogs a bigger yard. I am sure their rollicking runs mean more to them than designer coats or gourmet biscuits ever could. And for cats, a quiet

Re-Covering The Old Pieces

rcopWhether you’re incorporating a hand-me-down sofa into your living room or simply sprucing up outdated upholstery, re-covering furniture in complementary fabrics can transform mismatched parts into stylish wholes, says Jason Roberts of Portland’s MCM League. Reasons to consider refurbishing old pieces are construction (it’s better to update sturdy antique and vintage furniture than replace them with lesser-quality pieces), design (the look of a favorite armchair may prove difficult to find again), and COST (new covers are generally priced far lower than new furniture). To make your decision just a little easier, we tried three options on the sofa and armchair above–reupholstery, custom slipcovers, and Sure Fit slipcovers.


Pick The Plants, Perfect The Garden

Once you’ve decided on the overall style of your garden–whether formal, semiformal, or naturalistic–define, divide, and conquer should be your design mantra. Following these three principal steps of landscape design will make the process of laying out a garden, which can seem overwhelming at first approach, much more manageable, successful, and enjoyable.

Step 1

ptp“Frame” your garden by defining the landscape’s outer boundaries. Any landscape, no matter its size, needs concise definition to be visually effective. A landscape without a boundary is like a painting without a frame: Even the most exquisite canvas looks better with the proper border around it. Lack of boundaries is rarely a problem on small